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Learning Analytics System


Conexus Learning Analytics – Empowering students and educators

A unique combination of learning analytics, quality content and practical, proven processes in the field of learning and personal development.

Improve learning efficiency by using evidence-based data to assess student progress.

Enables deeper learning approach by using data to individualise teaching and learning, motivating students to focus on their strengths.

Learning how to teach, teaching how to learn by tracking evidence-based learning data.

Conexus is a research leader in learning analytics and deeper learning in Norway that promote a holistic approach to education with a broad curriculum perspective.

In careful collaboration with teachers, educational leaders, government institutions, researchers and the educational technology industry, Conexus have made evidence-informed pedagogy the basis of their learning analytics solution.

Personality Profiling Tool



The S.A.Y or Systematic Awareness Analysis Program is a psychological assessment of employees for corporate companies and organisations looking to bring out the best of their employees to increase productivity and efficiency.



Self-assessment and development tool for student, teacher and organisation
A profiling solution for personal development that encourages self reflection about one’s career choice and further skills development. vip24 measures three key pillars – Values, Interests and Preferences and sees each individual as ‘a 24-hour-a day person’ at work and in private life. It analyses gaps between one’s current and desired situation, using human capital analytics to drive real results.

BYOD Collaboration System


Collab8 by Wow Vision

BYOD collaboration system for teacher and students to create, share and work together real-time on main display.

Wirelessly present any content and collaborate from any device – PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone and more – to a display screen.

Students can view the main display content on their own device, grab a screenshot, take notes and save a copy.

Up to 12 multiple displays allow viewing different content simultaneously on different displays.

Teacher and students can create and edit a common document through their individual devices.

Documents can be shared and make copies by all participants.

Teacher and students can annotate, edit or highlight the current screen, either video, photo or presentation via touch-enabled displays, or using your own device.

Teacher and students can share files over the internal cloud for all participants for assignment distribution, submission and peer-grading activities.

3rd-party applications support for communication and functional apps like Skype, GoToMeeting, Webex, MS Office and Lync allows connected classroom activities.

Learner Response System


Clickers by Turning Technologies

We believe in the pedagogical benefits of interactive learner response system integrated into learning environment.

The clickers technology engages all learners to improved learning retention and participation.

Learner response system enables teachers to facilitate multiple levels of assessments to identify understanding in both formative and summative manners.

Teacher can access in-class student data to deliver enhanced learning experiences and improve individual student success.

Learning Content Authoring Tool

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.12.24 PM

Learning Activity Management System (LAMS)

LAMS is a revolutionary new tool for designing, managing and delivering online collaborative learning activities. It provides teachers with a highly intuitive visual authoring environment for creating sequences of learning activities.

LAMS is an open source Learning Design system for designing, managing and delivering online collaborative learning activities. It provides teachers with an intuitive visual authoring environment for creating sequences of learning activities. These activities can include a range of individual tasks, small group work and whole class activities based on both content and collaboration.

Learning Video Production Tool



Flipped Classroom Mobile Cart

Easy-to-use flipped classroom video recording system for teacher to create their own teaching and learning video content at ease.

All-in-one video recording mobile cart that contains everything a teacher needs to create video content using their own device – camera, mobile phone or tablet.

SWIVL cameramen-robot with wireless microphone to help teacher or student to take video of themselves without extra manpower.

SWIVL cloud platform for teacher to upload, edit and share their video content automatically. Teacher can share the uploaded video with students by embedding on any HTML-enabled Learning Management System or website, or send to students via a link.

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