Meet The Team

We are a young and dynamic team working towards elevating the teaching and education quality for all educators.

Message from Vice President

It is with pleasure that I will serve as the Vice President for Advanced Global Institute of Learning Excellence (AGILE). I would like to introduce myself and welcome you to AGILE’s website. With more that 16 years in education and in the educational technology industry, I am both an educator and learning technologist at heart. I have taught for more than 10 years at the tertiary and secondary level and appreciate the pedagogical and logistical challenges to engage and motivate the learners of today. As a learning designer and learning technologist for more than 15 years, I understand the technical considerations of implementing learning tools and innovations to enhance learning and teaching. I also have regional experience in implementing large scale, country-wide and institution-wide educational technology projects in various parts of Asia, again with the same approach that resulted in coherent and cogent solutions for these entities.

AGILE is committed to ensuring that all educators reach their potential, maximize deep learning and encourage collaborative, participative and self-directed learning to create the opportunity for students to experience success in a school, college or university culture that inspires dreams, builds compassion, opens minds as well as prepare them for the 21st Century workplace. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any queries about our programs and also for any potential collaborations.

Mohamad Ridwan Othman
Vice President of AGILE

The Team

Chandran Andy

Director, Learning Systems & Technologies

Amutha Navamoney

Director, Pedagogy & Training

Vithia Paltore

Program & Outreach Manager

Ng Joo Hui

Specialist – Learning Solution and Technologies

Norazian Ayob

Senior Executive – Admin Support

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