About Us

We strive to improve learning outcomes by raising the status and quality of teaching in the education system.


The Advanced Global Innovations for Learning Excellence Sdn Bhd (AGILE), originated as a department within the Taylor’s Education Group in order to promote excellence in learning practices and technologies for the corporate and education community in Malaysia. The establishment of AGILE was undertaken to understand and harness the opportunities to respond to a rapidly changing world, including the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complex, Ambiguous) world of Industry 4.0, with rapid shifts and changes of expectations in:

  • Education (new socio-constructive pedagogies)
  • Workforce (Gen Y, Z and Alpha)
  • Workplace (collaborative, transnational, diverse, global)
  • Technology (AI, IoT, robotics, etc.)

To date, AGILE has delivered more than 120 programmes, with participation by more than 170 different institutions and organisations in Malaysia and Asia more broadly. Its programmes cover the domains of education, teaching & learning, professional growth, leadership, neuro-linguistic programming, emotional intelligence, team building, and other related areas for professional development. AGILE has also organised symposiums and public seminars. In total, its initiatives have attracted more than 1800 participants.

Currently, AGILE organises and implements various programmes (workshops, events, and projects) to help government and quasi-government entities, educational institutions and corporate organisations elevate lifelong learning mindsets and development for their employees. This will in turn, result in higher employee productivity and contributions to their organisations across the region.

Our key focus is to offer quality development workshops in the following areas:

AGILE’s training workshops would be suitable for training managers (HR and Learning & Development functions), educators (academic leaders, teachers, lecturers, faculty heads), instructional and learning designers, corporate leaders and professionals. Beyond conducting these development workshops, we also initiate projects and pilots to take training one step further for organisation-wide implementation. We also organise large events, bringing in global experts and practitioners to facilitate sharing of best practices, insights and processes.

As an approved HRDF training provider, AGILE organise workshops and initiatives to educators across Malaysia and the region, helping elevate teaching and learning for the learning community in the region and globally.

Our Values


AGILE is committed to provide educators with the best learning experience and teaching methodologies to enhance their teaching and learning.


AGILE strives to bring the best global expertise in education, training and people development.


AGILE believes that innovation in education must be pragmatic, realisable with evidence-based data, implemented easily with far-reaching impact.


AGILE designs programmes that extends their benefits beyond educators and students across diverse disciplines.


Be the friendly and effective people developer for people developers.


To be the premier thought leader to spearhead innovative learner-centered pedagogical approaches and best practices in learning technologies.

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