About Us

We strive to improve learning outcomes by raising the status and quality of teaching in the education system.

The Advanced Global Institute of Learning Excellence (AGILE) was established in 2015 to promote excellence in learning and teaching practices for the education and corporate community within Malaysia and beyond.

AGILE started by developing and organising workshops for the various Taylor’s institutions and piloting various projects in these institutions. Positive feedback and the successful completion of these projects further fuel our desire to expand AGILE’s programmes to the educators across the region.

Currently, we organise and implement various programmes (workshops, events, projects) to help educators and training organisations, elevate teaching and learning for their learners and staff, and in so doing, elevating the quality of education across the whole region.

We aim to do this in several fashions. One key focus is to offer quality faculty and academic development workshops in four areas:

These workshops would be suitable for:

  1. Teachers
  2. Lecturers
  3. Senior Academic Staffs
  4. Faculty Leaders
  5. Teaching Assistants
  6. Instructional Designers

Beyond conducting these development workshops, we also aim to initiate, (and in fact have been doing so) projects and pilots to take the training one step further, to organise events to allow for greater sharing of best practices and last but not least offering strategic and tactical consulting to help further learning innovations for both internal and external customers.

As an approved HRDF training provider, AGILE organise workshops and initiatives to educators across Malaysia and the region, helping elevate teaching and learning for the learning community in the region and globally.

Our Values


Everything that we do is focusing on the learning experience and teaching methodologies that enhance learning.


We strive to bring the best-in-class educational practices from all over the globe, including sharing excellence from within Taylor’s.


Innovations in education that we preach must be pragmatic and realisable with good data to ensure informed decision that translates into efforts in class, school level etc that are far-reaching and can be implemented easily.


While pilots are done to ensure learning innovations are tweaked to suit the context of each institution, we design programs that would allow benefits for such innovations can reach as many educators and students as possible.


To provide comprehensive and holistic capability development programs/initiatives spanning K-12 to tertiary level, that helps educators shape and nurture learners who are critical thinkers, active learners and with emotional intelligence; who have the necessary 21st century learning skills to be successful and ethical leaders of the future.


To be the premier thought leader globally, that spearheads innovative learner-centred pedagogical approaches and learning technology best practices, for cradle to grey education.

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